Holger Flindt: The fire expert at Pantaenius

When the fire alarm sounds, then Holger Flindt is on the spot. In more than just one way. This is because the head of the Claims Department at Pantaenius is not just an established expert in matters involving fire damage to motorised and sailing yachts.  As commander of the volunteer fire department in Hamburg, Flindt also always has his pager at his side in order to respond to alarms at a moment's notice.

The 43-year-old acquired his expert knowledge at various stations in his professional career. After starting out as a machinist, he went to sea for two years, sailing for the Hamburg-based shipping company Hamburg Süd. He followed this with engineering study in the area of ship and facilities operation technology, then several more years at sea, including in the offshore branch, where he worked in the pipeline-laying sector. He then moved on to a maritime insurance company, where he began his work as an adjuster for maritime transport and sport vessels. The damage expert has now been with Pantaenius for 10 years – a good combination, since Flindt is himself an avid sailor and knows the sector inside and out.

Holger Flindt - The fire experteIt comes as no surprise that as a young man, he was active with the German Lifeguard Association in a rescue boat on the Weser River. He's still always called for special operations by the volunteer fire department: As a member of the special operations group Ship Security (SEG-S of the Hamburg Fire Department), he has received extensive training in rescue and survival at sea. And that means that if there's no other way, he'll drop onto a burning ship by helicopter. Preventing damage to life and property –
it seems to run in his blood.

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