What to do in the event of fire

Fire, Fire, Fire! and now………… a lot of rushing about, maybe even panic! Where's the fire blanket? How do you work the fire extinguisher? Should I evacuate the boat?

When there's a fire on board, you should take the following steps in order to minimise ,as far as possible, the risk to life and property:

  1. Once the fire has been observed and localized, immediately get everyone out of the danger zone.
  2. Then, send an emergency message at once, giving information about the vessel, crew, position, and nature of emergency.
  3. Make a decision about effective counter-measures:
    a. Close everything down, in order to deprive the fire of oxygen.
    b. Actively fight the fire with sensible methods.
  4. If you have crew members, the measures should be undertaken in parallel, with the skipper dictating who is to do what task.
  5. If no other alternative remains, launch the life boats and evacuate the vessel.

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