Pantaenius Third Party Liability Insurance

Third party boat insurance, as it is often called, provides cover for damages that the owner, guests or crew have caused against a third party in conjunction with the use of the vessel, including collision and over-the-side / water sports activities / diving for guests.

Pantaenius, experts in marine liability insurance, also provide cover that not only repairs the damages but also defends you against unjustified claims. The insurance can be taken out by the owner and covers him, the skipper and the crew, all over the world. This policy covers damage to persons, property and assets.

Pantaenius Third Party Yacht Insurance

Pantaenius Yacht Third Party Liability Insurance has several advantages:

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Skipper liabiility insurance

Skipper liability
If you already have liability insurance with Pantaenius, you are also automatically insured for liability as the skipper of a charter yacht.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Rescue action

Rescue action
If you accidentally activate one of your rescue systems, e.g. EPIRB, GMDSS, Pantaenius will reimburse the search and rescue action.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Impounded yacht

Impounded yacht
If your yacht is seized by order of the authorities, Pantaenius will cover the bail up to €100,000.

Should you have further questions regarding the Pantaenius Yacht Third Party Insurance, please contact our sales team.